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14 Mar 2020

Houses for sale in Kemang, South Jakarta

Kemang South Jakarta is a lifestyle center for young people today with high standards in the metropolitan city of Jakarta. Meeting the needs of housing is very attentive to how location plays an important role in the daily lives of urbanites.

Facilities in the residential area, to the prestige of the environment to be inhabited, Kemang is an icon of the style of young people today. Unfortunately, the opportunity to get a residential location in the capital is increasingly shrinking due to the increasingly urgent demand for housing.

It is common knowledge, the inequality of development in Indonesia has caused an explosion of urbanization to the capital from year to year. This also affects the hunt for both investment property commercial and residential in the middle of the city is competing even though it must be paid handsomely.

Seeing the prospect of homes for sale in Kemang, for example, buying property for property investment could be the right choice because the predicted price will increase.

Houses for Rent in Kemang, South Jakarta

Finding a house for rent in Kemang, South Jakarta is quite a challenge for those of you who want to live downtown.

Kemang has also become one of the nightly tourist and entertainment destinations so it is ideal for investing in business and office space. Kemang is part of the Bangka Kelurahan in South Jakarta. this area is right in the middle of the city with access near several business centers.

Call it the TB Simatupang Central Business District which also goes along with the Outer Ring Road or JORR that connects you to the Tangerang area and the Purbaleunyi Toll Road. Not only that, SCBD's premium business center is also not far away so it is increasingly becoming a magnet that attracts commercial property hunters both investors and users.

Apartment For Sale In Kemang, South Jakarta

Apart from homes for sale in Kemang, South Jakarta, apartments can also be used as investment facilities. Kemang is indeed good for property investment. Even though Kemang is famous for its narrow streets, it remains a promadona for apartment investment

Rent an Apartment in Kemang, South Jakarta

If you want to rent a house in Kemang, you can also rent an apartment for a residential area of ​​36 square meters for studio type and 98 square meters for a 3-bedroom apartment.

House prices in Kemang, South Jakarta

House prices in Kemang, South Jakarta range from 3.5 billion to 15 billion. Depending on the area of ​​land needed. Permeter land prices in Kemang range between 15 million to 22 million. Depends on location.

If you want a premium type for large families with swimming pools, a house on 446 square meters of land with a 400 square meter building can be owned in the range of 18 billion.

Price of Apartments in Kemang, South Jakarta

The price of a vertical residential or apartment in Kemang, South Jakarta, covering an area of ​​34 square meters with complete shared facilities, such as the Marbela Apartment, is priced 1 M.

If you take the average price, the price of apartments in Kemang ranges from 22 million to 28 million per square meter.

Land Prices in Kemang, South Jakarta

Detailed information on house prices, apartment prices, land prices in Kemang, South Jakarta, you can contact the ERA JULIZAR marketing team at telephone number 021 766 2878


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